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How to Start Your Own Mutual Self-Help Support Group Face your common problem together

How to Deal with Difficult Personalities Stand Up to Bullies and Assert Yourself! Confront their critical, manipulative, and controlling behavior.

No More Empty Relationships: A Personal Handbook for Single Adults Who Want to Break the Pattern of Going-Nowhere Relationships and Find Partners Who Meet Their Emotional Needs

Jump Start Your Creative Genius and generate more ideas, answers, and solutions to crises, and critical challenges

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No Surprises... 365 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Each Other Before You Marry... and how to ask them

The Bed & Breakfast Guest Etiquette Quiz (Mentioned in USA Today)
OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: How to Protect Your Heart and Finances from Romantic Con Artists

Sell Your Mobile Home in 60 Days by yourself and save $500 to $6,000 in agent fees. (How Andrea found a buyer in 6 days using her own tips.)

Purchase Agreement TEMPLATES: When you're selling your mobile home you'll need to put it all in writing. And having these signed documents will help you secure the financing you need.

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Turning the Holiday Blues into Holiday Magic : 44 Creative Ideas and Activities to Make the Holidays Cheerier

20 Questions You Need to Ask Each Other About Love and Romance Before You Marry (article)

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