Brainstorming for corporations, associations,
professional practices, and institutions

When your company has a crisis or an unresolved dilemma, I can lead your problem-solving group composed of employees at all levels to arrive at multiple options. Contact Andrea:

Because of my creativity and lateral thinking skills, I was retained to promote courses offered by the Edward de Bono School of Thinking in New York. Invite me to speak to your professional organization, convention, university, or your school on the subject of my booklet:

  • Jump Start Your Lateral, Critical Thinking Skills

  • Discover Your Creative Genius and Brainstorm Multiple, Brilliant Solutions to Tough Problems

Fee for brainstorming: $200 per hour; $600 per half-day. $1200 to $5,000 per full day, depending on location, length, topic, etc. A deposit is required. Also see my speaking services.

Complimentary things people have said about Andrea Reynolds' work:

"Andrea Reynolds has not only developed her left brain and her right brain equally well, but trained them to talk to each other." Vinod Busjeet, Ph.D., The World Bank, Washington DC

"Where others see the world in black and white, Andrea Reynolds sees the world in blazing technicolour." Robert J. Brown, London Polytechnic Institute, London England

"Thank you for your participation in our meeting on Saturday. We had considerable feedback after the presentation on how meaningful it had been to the audience." Dale Carnegie Courses

"I would like to extend our thanks to you for your thought-provoking presentation. Your topic sparked great interest among our members." Special Libraries Association of Canada

"Thanks for participating in our recent annual meeting. This topic added a new dimension to our educational program which is usually very clinically oriented. It did stimulate some interesting discussion." Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

"Your topic stimulated a great deal of interest as the large attendance showed." Canadian Association of Women Executives

"Your presentations helped create one of the best conferences yet." Junior Farmers Association of Ontario

A few of my booklet and report titles you can order today:

The Bed & Breakfast Guest Etiquette Quiz (Mentioned in USA Today)

Sell Your Specialized Advice

Jump Start Your Creative Genius and generate more ideas, answers, and solutions

25 Unconventional Ways to Raise the $25,000 or $25 Million You Need

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