Andrea will act as your Go-Between

Do you want to have a gift delivered with fanfare or discretion, or to return money or property to someone anonymously? If you stole something or are holding what you know to be stolen property – a wallet, a painting, a child – I'll return it without revealing where it came from.

If you remember the old TV show,
The Millionaire, let me be your Michael Anthony. When you are ready to return money or property or make restitution and to do so would be acutely uncomfortable for you or the recipient, I can be the "middleman" who makes the transfer. Or when you want to make an anonymous monetary or tangible gift to someone I can do it without divulging the donor's identity. In some cases there may be only a half-day charge for this service... unless you have stipulations on how it will be done. Then there may be the cost of courier service, in-person delivery, or unusual event planning: $300 per half-day (3 hours) or $600 per day (6 hours).

Some possible scenarios:

  • You borrowed money and didn't pay it back for a long time, but are ready now.

  • You stole money and want to make restitution.

  • You robbed someone and want to make restitution.

  • You never paid child support, but now want to pay for the child's college education.

  • You physically injured (or killed) someone, in an accident or other event.

  • You sent an innocent person to jail for a crime they didn't commit.

  • You publicly accused someone of immoral or unethical behavior knowing it wasn't true and now want to make it right.

  • Your negligence caused someone's home to be destroyed.

  • You kept items designated for someone else in the Will of a deceased person and now want to return them to the rightful owner.

  • Or perhaps you fathered a child long ago and you want to help the family without acknowledging paternity.

Contact Andrea Reynolds in total confidence so that your request will be kept private.

NOTE: I WILL NOT TRANSPORT ANYTHING ILLEGAL, such as drugs, weapons, etc., and not over borders without proper permission and documentation. I will require a complete list of contents, signed by the sender, so that the recipient can check the contents against the list upon delivery. I will not look at the contents.

Fee: Your Go-Between... $100 per hour; $300 per half-day (3 hours); $600 per day (6 hours).


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Choose time required

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