How I work

First of all, thanks for contacting me. I'd like to help you, and if you're at a distance from me you will need to do most of the preliminary work with my guidance by email. I am glad you contacted me before you hired a lawyer or first started to collect, because it's likely I will take a different route from the one you or others may choose. If you don't have a written contract to refer to, this presents a BIG challenge; but all is not lost. I have some ideas that have worked for me and other clients in the past. While I can't promise total success, I will do my best, and I will not "soak" you for tons of money. That's the last thing you need.

Second, I know the stress you are under. I lost my home and everything, but not because I was swindled. It was to escape. Read from May 2005 to present: I never declared bankruptcy – I don't believe in it – and I've paid off my debts one by one. I say this, because the future that seems awful to you now, is usually not so terrible... even if it does come to pass. Just a temporary inconvenience and a major life lesson.

To help you I will need to see all tangible documentation you have. I need to understand the full scope of the situation, from how much you are owed or how much is at stake, what was promised, his/her name, the investment concept if there was one, everything. Do you have copies of the cheques you wrote? I also need to know about you and your husband/wife and your home, your family, your lives. The reason: it may be useful in arousing sympathy. I need TOTAL honesty from you. Yes, this will be a lot of work for you and me; but this is what it will take.

I ask people to
complete this form: It will be helpful to know which of my services you can afford if I decide to take your case – It's possible I won't take your case if I think I can't be successful on your behalf. I'm sympathetic to your financial crisis, but I need to earn income, too. We can proceed in small steps if that will help, one advice email at a time.

If I'm to work with you, you will have to promise to
let me proceed without interference. When clients start contacting the other party with threats, etc., it's not in their or your best interest. It sabotages my good work and the money you pay me is wasted. It's happened before because my clients got impatient or let their angry outburst ruin a plan that was just about to come to fruition.

You need to trust someone, and I'm the best one to trust – I'm too honest and kind for my own good, and I've been successful multiple times before – and I'm probably the cheapest "rescuer" you could hire. I'm your advocate, investigative journalist, counselor, and, when necessary, media/press liaison, always working on your behalf.

So, do you have a way to get copies of ALL documentation to me? Can you scan documents to make a jpg or PDF file to send me? You may get tired of all the requests I make of you, but all of it will help me help you. Are you ready?

Step one: Send me everything you can. No charge for me to read and digest it all. If I don't have enough info I will advise you of the next step

Step two: Hire me for email advice so I can give you a list of other documentation that will help me help you, that you will need to acquire. (Usually I can tell you how.)

Once I have that additional info we can decide on the next step. I have at least 2 good approaches that will work.
Time is of the essence. The quicker we work together the quicker I can help you recover your money or hand the debt to the person responsible. If I think I can't do more I will say so. And by then you may be able to carry on without me.

Important: All work I do for you is confidential. I promise – here in writing – not to divulge critical private info without your consent, nor use it to profit personally in any way - except for fees you elect to pay me. It's my intent to work in your best interests at all times. And by the same token, please don't share with anyone other than yourselves what I'm doing for you. If you tip off the other party too soon, or family members start to talk or butt in, my plan probably won't work. I will confer with you about everything I do before I do it so you are always in the loop and you always have veto power.

If you're ready, let's get started today.
Andrea Reynolds

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