Article: Who will take care of you when you can't?
By Andrea Reynolds. Copyright 2009-2016.
All rights reserved by the author.

This is on my mind in 2009 as I act as my father's patient advocate and chauffeur to doctor appointments. I am his only child who has lived for most of her adult life in another country. My Kindness Experiment Tour across the US was cut short so I could return to my hometown when I learned that Dad was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and his wife had fallen and broken her shoulder.

So, a month before my 60th birthday I considered my options for when I'm not as capable, mentally and physically. I have no partner, children, cousins, nieces or nephews, or siblings on whom I can count.

But some possibilities I'm considering are:

1. Marry a younger man who is devoted and kind.

2. Make a ton of money in the next ten years so I can afford around-the-clock, private care when I eventually need it. (Best option)

3. "Adopt" a younger couple who will look after me in later years, and inherit my house.

4. Get in great shape now, mentally and physically, so I'll have many more years of good health which will buy me more time to save money for health care.

5. Take in a (younger) boarder for free now in exchange for my care later.

6. Leave a substantial inheritance for the person or couple who steps in to care for me.

7. Look after additional elderly people who are family-less (good karma) for the next ten years and maybe inherit enough to cover my own later-year care.

8. Purchase sufficient long term health insurance so I don't have to think about it.

9. Move back to Canada where medical care is free.

10. Last resort: Plan to live on social assistance (Medicaid).

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