20 Ways to Make Money With Your House.

Be creative. Use what you have.

1. Rent a room or second floor to college students for monthly income.

2. Sell your house for cash and live somewhere else more cheaply.

3. Rent out your entire house for monthly income and live somewhere else more cheaply.

4. Rent out a parking spot in your driveway for monthly income.

5. Hold cooking lessons in your kitchen. Specialize in one thing: desserts, chocolate, Asian, etc.

6. Offer a room on AirBnB for short term cash.
See bottom of this post.

7. Cook meals and serve them. You may need to get a certificate from Public Health Dept.

8. Rent out your basement for storage.

9. Rent out your garage to a start up tech company.

10. Hold seminars and workshops in your living room or dining room.

11. Hold an evening lecture series in your home with a series of experts.

12. Start a home-based business.

13. Turn your home into a shared office space for other entrepreneurs.

14. Hold art exhibits in your home to introduce new artists.

15. Hold live music salons in your home to introduce new musicians.

16. Hold book launch parties in your home to introduce new local authors.

17. Rent out your shed to a writer who needs a quiet place to write.

18. Rent out your backyard to an apartment dweller who wants to grow vegetables.

19. Grow food in your yard and sell it.

20. Turn your home into a rooming house for seniors. You may need to apply for a zoning variance.

Can you think of other ways your house can work for you? Tell me: crisiswriter@gmail.com

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I Turned My Home into an Income Property

... and I continue to live in it!

When I still couldn't sell my home so I could leave town after three agents didn't bring me any offers, and the property taxes needed to be paid, I signed up for both
AirBnB and Uber.

Unfortunately Uber decided that both of my vehicles were too old to qualify as Uber vehicles, even though the 2004 Ford has only 16,000 miles on it. However, AirBnB allows me to list that very same vehicle as a stationary accommodation for a guest or two.

I had my first guest in early November: a five-day stay. Then I had a guest who stayed two weeks in early January, and a series of guests who kept me busy for all the rest of January and February, bringing me an income of slightly more than $1300 for each month. This income is covering my utility bills and part of my property taxes on both houses.

I did have to buy two bed frames and two comforters, but all for less than $200. The two twin beds allow two friends or two family members to stay in the same room. If I push the two beds together it becomes a king-size bed for a couple or one very tall person.

Here are the photos of the two-bed guest room I have listed:

New twin bed

second bed

closed closet and rocker

open double closet

entrance with little shelf

bath across the hall

When people ask me if they can rent this house from me for anything less than $1,000 a month, it doesn't sound like a good deal to me. (I paid $1,000 a month for this house before I bought it in July 2011.) Now I can still live in the house and it brings me $1300 a month. So, in order to rent it to tenants I would need no less than $1300 a month to compensate me for moving out.

You can book this guest room in two ways:

1. Register on AirBnB:
2. Make a reservation on my own site: www.AuthorsBandB.com

Would you like to be an AirBnB host, too? If you use this referral link I'll get a referral fee from the company: https://www.airbnb.com/r/andrear4396?s=8&i=