• Someone to listen and really hear you.
  • Someone to sympathize and empathize with you.
  • Someone to ask you questions so you see the whole picture.
  • Someone to offer you insight and fresh perspective.
  • Someone to provide a list of solution options that could help you resolve the problem or challenge you face.
  • Someone to help you choose the first and/or best option to try.
  • Someone to walk you through the steps you want to take.
  • Someone to help you compose the words you want to use to get the best results.
  • Sometimes you may want someone else (me) to speak or act on your behalf.
  • Improvement in the situation and in your life.
  • Finally, a feeling of relief, completion, self-confidence and self-esteem.

I handle these kinds of situations (above) every day, both in my own life and on behalf of my clients.


I make house calls. This is my office on wheels.
Blu Hwy 2
If we need a quiet place to talk I can bring my office to your parking lot.

First, I want to see you access many more options to your personal and professional challenges. Every day I hear about, and from, people who give up their fight or protest when someone has wronged them because the task seems too daunting. They are left feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.

I know from my own experience that in the midst of a personal crisis the brain goes numb and it's often difficult to think of solutions beyond stay or go, fight or flight, yes or no. For many of us a crisis is not a fertile environment for creative thinking beyond one or two solutions. Yet, usually there can be many more do-able options than just two opposing, black or white options. The problem is identifying them... and that's where I can start to help you. I offer new perspectives and insight into the outcome of each option you are considering.

Second, I solve problems and, like a dog with an old sock, I don't give up until I achieve success. ButI do it without insults, threats, bullying, and lawsuits - which I find messy, mean-spirited and money-depleting. I use common sense, diplomacy, and show the other party why it's in their best interests to do the right thing. I know, the people and companies you may have dealt with seem to be working against their own best interests. In most cases they aren't stupid... they just get lazy about using their brains as well as they could, and aren't considering the consequences of the choices they act on… or don't act on. (Read an excerpt from my future book.) I get them to reconsider their initial response to you and use better judgment in your situation.

On your behalf, I utilize the wisdom gained from my personal life experience as a survivor/activist, my training as a crisis hotline volunteer (United Way), my talk radio host advice experience (WFLP, CFRB), and my national TV and Radio guest expert experience (CTV, CBC, etc.)

I'm in this business of providing services because
I want to see everyone make better choices and decisions so life is better for you and those around you. And who doesn't want a better life?

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