Send me yours and I may post them.

Never mistreat a journalist. We have the skill to write the truth about what you did and the contacts to distribute it far and wide. Once in print, the story about you can damage your reputation in more ways than you can imagine. This doesn't mean we will, but you should keep in mind that we can.

Be curious, not furious. Before you get angry, ask questions to find out what the truth is. You will appear to be smarter and more level-headed to others.

Be cheerful and stupid. When you'd rather lash out at someone, keep your mouth shut, pretend you don't know what's really going on, and just smile and be nice. It will diffuse almost any situation and your life will be less stressful and more pleasant.

A prophet is not recognized in his own hometown. (Familiarity breeds contempt.) Or as Jesus put it: “ A prophet is not without honour except in his own hometown.”

Envy knows no bounds. Remember that people may treat you badly because they are envious and can't bring themselves up to your level, so they want to bring you down to their level. (Sad isn't it?)

When life hands you lemons make Lemon Meringue Pie. (Andrea Reynolds) Andrea gives you the recipe and will even give you a slice of the pie.

Marketing your advice is unlike marketing a product and requires unconventional thinking. (Andrea Reynolds)

The Reynolds Rule of Reward: To receive what you want... remember that adversaries create chaos; collaborators create benevolence. Be a collaborator. (Andrea Reynolds)

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