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Troubleshooting and Diagnosis for Businesses, Professional
Practices, Organizations, Landlords, Property Managers

Are your business and customer relations practices working for you? Do you ever wonder if you and your staff are giving your absolute best service? I find out if your patrons, clients and patients think it is, or what's really going on in your office, clinic or hotel that you can't know as the boss… by really being your client, patient, or guest. I then follow up with a report of what you're doing well, what could be improved, and which of your staff may be doing something you need to know about.

What's an Undercover Client? It's a little like a mystery shopper but for professional practices, service businesses, agencies, and professional associations. I go undercover, except to the person who hired me - usually the owner, but not always - and observe as a real customer, client, patient, member or guest.

"I discovered that it makes no difference if I reveal upfront that I'm THE UNDERCOVER CLIENT; it doesn't change the way I'm treated as a visible and participating observer of your organization. It never has. That lack of awareness and concern blows my mind and should disturb you."

I want to see your practice-agency-service increase its fun factor, fan base, and profit. I'll show you how. Many people - owners, managers, staff - are simply not aware how their behavior can negatively impact the people they serve and that can negatively impact your bottom line... or whatever is most important to you.

When you begin to notice symptoms – decline in revenues, decline in traffic, decline in thank you letters; increase in complaints (or silence) – that's the time to bring me in. I'm the unbiased third party who can point out where small, but significant, changes will make for better human relations first, better revenues, too.

Do you really know the answers to these questions?
1. Is your business attracting – or repelling – clients, customers, patients, members, good employees, tenants?
2. Do you treat your patients, clients, tenants the way they want to be treated?
3. Are you aware of how your staff treats your members, tenants, clients, customers, members?
4. Are you doing your patients, clients, customers, tenants, members harm?
5. Are you sensitive to their needs or do you believe they are not your concern?

If the answer to one or more of these questions doesn't sit right with you, let me help you change your business for the better. Hire my skills, wisdom and experience, to find out and report back to you. Just tell me your concerns and I'll book an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.
My intention: To show professionals and service providers how they can treat their patients, clients and customers with more consideration, courtesy, kindness and empathy. Both to make more money and to show those who pay you that they matter and are important. (And, hey, isn't that what we all want?) Be kind and the money will follow.
Here are the astonishing results I found in some businesses and practices (These are not past clients, but they should consider hiring me):

1. A real estate agent who tinkled in the toilet, and flushed, as she returned my phone call. (Erie PA)
2. A bank manager who refused to let me open an account because he felt anyone from out of town must be a drug dealer. (Girard PA)
3. A physician who left for lunch - walked right by me - while I was left waiting for him for several hours in his reception area. (Toronto)
4. A physician who charged me $45 to take my blood pressure and when I asked for an explanation of the charge, he added another $25 charge to my bill... twice. (Girard PA)
5. A lawyer I retained who failed to show up in court and instead sent his administrative assistant who had never been in a courtroom and who had to ask opposing counsel what she should do next. (Toronto)
6. An RV dealer who refused to show me the inside of any RV (3 different attempts) despite the $10,000 check in my pocket. (Erie PA)
7. A dentist who was more interested in providing expensive cosmetic dentistry than finding the cause of my severe mouth pain. (Fairview PA)
8. A veterinarian who required that I sign a full page release absolving the practice of all blame if anything went wrong, but wouldn't let me have a copy of it. (Fairview PA)
9. Eight out of 9 lawyers who never returned my phone call when I tried to hire each one. (One of the firms advertised on television to generate new business. That was a waste of his money.) (Erie PA)
10. A cashier at a doctor's office made me pay an additional 66% over the doctor's handwritten invoice amount before she would allow me to leave the office. (Erie PA)
11. A real estate agent who showed me only $40,000 homes when I said I had $40,000 cash for a down payment. (Erie PA)
12. A landlord who refused to provide an affordable, non-toxic solution for a wet basement floor (electric hazard), but had money to put into new flooring in the empty unit next door. (Erie PA)

There are more... If you want to know the details, hire me to speak to your organization... I'll spill the beans. Please note: I give everyone at least one opportunity, sometimes several opportunities, to make things right. I'm always astonished at how many, when confronted with the evidence, choose to do nothing... or get angry.

My Retail Experience:
So Fro Fabrics, Erie PA
Murphy's, Erie PA
Campus Supply, Kent OH
Stix, Baer & Fuller, St. Louis
Simpsons-Piccadilly, London UK
Simpsons-Sears, Toronto ON

My Corporate Consulting Experience
Andrea Reynolds International Public Relations, Toronto

My Adult Teaching Experience
The Skills Exchange, Toronto
Network for Learning, Toronto
The Learning Annex, Toronto
Hamot Women's Health Connection, Erie PA
Crash Courses, Erie PA

My Fee for Services: $1,000 per half-day and $2,000 for full day assignments for local (Erie PA) assignments. For out-of-area clients, possibly up to $5,000 for a full day (up to 8 hours including travel), if necessary. See my Policy page for more information.

Book an appointment with me to see how your business or professional practice comes across. This service includes travel time and expense, waiting, actual appointment, written and verbal reports. Yes, appointments are real and, yes, I pay for the actual visit from my own pocket (not with insurance). A PayPal Payment button for a $2,000 deposit appears below. The balance, if any, is due upon delivery of the report.


Checks and money orders are also accepted: Andrea Reynolds, PO Box 9124, Erie PA 16506

Not ready for the full program? Want only a 30 minute phone consult? A PayPal Payment button for a $100 initial consult appears below. This amount must be prepaid.


Checks and money orders are also accepted: Andrea Reynolds, PO Box 9124, Erie PA 16506

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